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Aerostich Courier Bag

Aerostich Courier Bag

Product Review (submitted on February 23, 2012):
this is the bag that your Chrome or Timbuktu bag wants to be when it grows up. I was super close to getting the chrome one because of the quick release on the strap. decided to go with aerostich however as it is moto specific and Aerostich has never let me down. Besides every other trendy hip-guy on the street has one of the other two. I am so glad I went with the 'stich. I use it for school, work and the gym. all at the same time. it will hold my 17" laptop, in it's padded case, with room for books and work clothes! it conforms to you when it is empty or close to, making it very comfortable at all times. I have found that it works better over the left shoulder, that way the release for the strap is on your right and easy to reach. you can tighten or loosen the bag without spinning it around. I realized the other bags seat-belt quick release buckle was unnecessary and would prob create pressure points, dig into chest, interfere with zipper etc. with the stich bag you can have it cinched up tight, but when you want to take it off with a heavy load you release the clamp and pull the shoulder strap up to pass over your head without actually lifting the whole bag. or just release and let it go to the floor around you, step out. the point is it's perfect the way it is and doesn't need a quick release. yes there are 2 places where water could potentially get in at the top, but if you are careful to close it evenly and tightly when it rains there is no way water will get in. I got the grey one and love the color,look of it. very nice, subtle styling, obviously well built with the best materials. the only thing I didn't like was the strap pad. it didn't work well with my shoulder armor. I think given time it would have conformed and gotten comfy, but I bought a maxpedition one to replace it and found that it works very well. I also got a "molle" style shotgun shell soft-pack from ebay that velcros onto the strap and is perfect for carrying cell phone or sunglasses, it has velcro on the front for sticking a patch on, I use it to temporarilly attach my gloves to when I get off or put on helmet, etc. it holds them for you! I am super happy with the comfort, convenience, etc. well done Aerostich!

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