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Aerostich Tank Panniers

Aerostich Tank Panniers

Product Review (submitted on March 5, 2012):
I bought a set of these in Black-Competition size July 2010 and 1-1/2yrs-40,000mi later they're still my favorite piece of gear. I use them on a KLR 650 with an IMS tank, both straps draped in front of the fuel cap for leg room. Fit is PERFECT and the extra wind protection is superb, I only have to put on rain pants in extreme soaking rain. Light rain doesn't hardly get to my legs. I also spray them with camp dry/silicone and though I put my gear in zip-locs or dry bags very little if any water gets in anyway. They are pretty much bulletproof! Though I have managed to damaged both sides in two separate get offs, the right side during a 40mph 30-yard lowside slide on an interstate offramp in S. Dakota. After a torrential downpour left gravel all over the road, my bad. The left during a 72mph slide down the Dempster, gotta love calcium chloride... (some boot lace repair and this bag still carried 2-tool kits, air pump, chain lube and lotsa zip-ties, soap, magnet, tape etc... for another 20,000mi) needless to say what would you expect! They've survived about a dozen other get offs from 25-75mph unscathed!^)-. They are just plain handy storage that carry the weight pretty low while also giving me wind and crash protection. They get the HighAdventureTour Two Thumbs Up seal of approval!

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