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E-Fill Siphon

E-Fill Siphon

Product Review (submitted on April 3, 2012):
Who-o-o-ee! It works jus like you said alright right out of the box. Except for a few "kinks", if you now what I mean. Me an my brother Billy took turns who could suck a gallon of gas out a the neighbors tank the fastest. Billy could do it in a couple jerks, course he has them limp wrists. It worked great in motorcycle tanks, not so good in my uncles truck. But we only had a few minutes before he caught us. I'm buying one these for my Ma for Mother's Day!
I like to test a product and my ability to use it BEFORE I need it. The product actually does work very well, right out of the box. Very simple instructions, product is well made from quality materials. I worked the kinks out by hand, rolling them between my fingers and thumb. I tested it by siphoning water from a sink into a gallon jug. It started siphoning with only a few quick shakes and siphoned a gallon within 3-4 minutes. It works fantastically in a motorcycle gas tank, for which it was designed. However, I DO NOT RECOMMEND USING THIS PRODUCT IN A CAR OR TRUCK. (I was joking above). If you get the end of the e-Fill Siphon stuck down in a car's gas tank, your bike being out of gas will be the least of your problems.

Here's an easy solution to the kinking problem. Refold the line in slightly longer lengths so that the "kinks" are in the middle of the length instead of at the end. This will keep the kinks from reforming at the same spots. The storage case is a little longer but that is small price to pay for no kinks.

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