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Men's Roadcrafter Classic One Piece Suit

Men's Roadcrafter Classic One Piece Suit

Product Review (submitted on April 14, 2012):
I've had it for about 5,000 miles now. The suit is of great quality. Yeah, it's stiff at first, but it conforms to you and softens up over time. The hi-viz is a must have in the DC Metro area -- you gotta have a thick skin walking around in it though. I walked into a couple places, and they've thought I was the fire brigade or something. Lol. The "bikers" make fun of me too. Shwateva. Being seen is huge for safety. The protection seems great though I haven't been down in it yet. (Knock on wood.) The quick on and off helps me to maintain my motivation to practice the ATGATT philosophy. The new zippers are definitely not waterproof -- can you say lap puddle? I've ridden in this suit from the 90s Farenheit down into the 20s. The cold spots are the thighs, the chest, and the biceps as usual. With some Under Armour Extreme ColdGear, the 20s are no problem. I've also used the windbreaker that came with my mesh Joe Rocket summer jacket to break the wind on my chest, which worked nicely. The vents effectively circulate the air in the heat, but your back will blow up like a balloon. Lol. Don't get stuck in traffic with this thing on above 85 though -- you will have a religious experience. I wouldn't wear my work clothes under it -- wrinkle city. Also, wearing jeans or pants under it limits my range of motion, so I wear shorts, which they advise against. (I have tree trunks for legs.) If you get the hip pads, the velcro doesn't come sown in, and the hip pads kinda get in the way of your hip motion. Knox makes some riding under shorts with CE certified coccyx and hip protection, but again, it makes the suit too tight. I tried using a Knox CE certified chest and back protector under it for a while, but there wasn't enough room, so I got the competition back pad -- seems okay -- no coccyx protection though.

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