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Aerostich Lane Share Tool

Aerostich Lane Share Tool

Product Review (submitted on April 19, 2012):
Well I can now say it is a cool device and I am very satisfied with it. As for the legality of this item in California I can now attest to the fact that it is illegal in the state of California. I was stopped at a regular place that fellow motorcyclist ride to so they can ride the twisties. And this spot also is a regular CHP hangout to write sport bikers tickets for equipment. They breakout rulers and measure the distance between turn signals has to be 9 inches in California and the officer noticed my lane share tool. In the spirit of cooperation I explained what it was and he said that any device or object that can obscure your license plate from view wether unintentional or intentional is illegal. So now I have a new paperweight in the garage. and in case your wondering the officer did not give me a ticket for it

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