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Aerostich Riding Shorts

Aerostich Riding Shorts

Product Review (submitted on May 12, 2012):
I've used riding shorts before when I wore riding shorts for 18 years while Mountain Bike riding. So when I had a chance to ride a portion of the Scooter Cannonball Run passing through Texas ... I had to have riding shorts to help my tired ole butt ... I knew what I needed to cover my butt. I heard all of the complaints from my fellow scooter friends crossing America in 8 days from previous years.
When a friend of mine picked me up in Moody and I was to chase her on my MP3 500 maxi-scooter for the next 190 miles in 2 hours 15 min, I could have ridden a lot further, I felt fine.
These riding shorts saved my backside. At age 67, some people asked why was I crazy enough to buy a 492cc scooter ... why not a vehicle. But I could never have ridden that far in that short of time in briefs. These riding shorts saved my rear. Thanks.
I do have a suggestion for guys and gals wearing your shorts. Find a way to help someone go to the rest room without removing outer clothing just to relief themselves.

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