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Aerostich TF3 Hip Impact Armor

Aerostich TF3 Hip Impact Armor

Product Review (submitted on May 14, 2012):
I added a pair of TF3 hip pads to my Darien AD1 after this past winter's hip replacement surgery. With a $50k butt to protect, I thought it would be silly not to have the added protection. This past weekend, I went off-roading for the first time since my surgery and landed on my new hip twice: once at low speed and once a good bit harder. The pads did exactly what they are supposed to do and I'm stiff and sore today, but walking with no new pain. Thanks for a great, well-designed product.

I thought about the smaller, hard-shelled pads, but I'm glad I went for more coverage.

Thomas Day
Minnesota Motorcycle Monthly Magazine