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Aerostich TF3 Hip Impact Armor

Aerostich TF3 Hip Impact Armor

Product Review (submitted on May 15, 2012):
I'm in a one-piece Roadcrafter, size 44L (I'm 6'-2', 180 lbs). The TF3 (hard shell) hip pads arrived a month ago, and I installed them right away. They are a good choice. They make the hips a bit wider, but as the Roadcrafter isn't a suit one buys for the purpose of looking svelte, the change is hardly noticeable. In my case, recently I broke one of my femurs near the hip from a fall--while riding my bicycle, not my motorcycle (struck from behind by an evil driver of an SUV, felony hit-and-run)--so I am very motivated to give myself extra protection at the hips. They are comfortable, and have good flexibility.

There are three hook-and-loop attachment points--the top one attaching to the hook-and-loop point that comes sewn-in standard in the Roadcrafter liner, and the lower two attaching to the liner with the hook-and-loop's adhesive backing (these put in place by the user). Of course, these pads now block access to the pockets of my Levi's through the Roadcrafter's side zippers, but it's an easy compromise to adapt to this, by unzipping the front of the Roadcrafter and reaching across the chest (right hand to get into left pocket of my Levi's, for example).

For the moment, I've opted to go this route (reaching across the front) instead of trying to separate one of the hip pad's lower two attachment points each time I want to to get at the pocket of my Levi's (through the Roadcrafter's side zipper), as I'm wary of the hook-and-loop's adhesive starting to separate from the liner over time. It's not ideal, but this is a minor encumbrance for what I perceive as a great benefit in safety. A good investment, and well designed.

One change for the future I might suggest is that Aerostich add the lower two hip pad attachment points as standard for the Roadcrafter (sewn-in at the factory, just as the top point is already).