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Go Cruise™ Throttle Control

Go Cruise™ Throttle Control

Product Review (submitted on May 16, 2012):
I'm happy with the Go Cruise Throttle Control. I had already installed a more conventional throttle lock , but was not all that thrilled with it. My particular throttle lock required a 90 degree rotation forward to set the lock. Some rotate back, mine rotates forward. There are pros and cons to each. The problem I had was that, as I set the lock, there would be a modest, brief deceleration as the lock was being set. Since I often lead a small group of riders, this unexpected deceleration was a problem for the next rider in line. So, I thought I'd give the Go Cruise a try. Installation takes about 10 seconds - seven of those spent just looking at the thing, getting ready. In operation, the Go Cruise is dead easy. A simple pressure with an index finger and the Go Cruise is set. It simply rests against the brake lever and, through friction with the throttle grip, overcomes the return pressure of the throttle spring. After a couple of minutes practice, it's a completely comfortable thing to do. There really is no learning curve. When it's time to stop or slow down, simply twist the throttle closed to overcome the Go Cruise friction and you're right back at the beginning. The only fly in the ointment is the friction that I mentioned. Light friction means a gentle push of the finger sets the lock. But light friction also means that vibration will allow the throttle to slowly start to close itself. Go Cruise understands this and has provided a rubber band that can be placed around the throttle grip so that the Go Cruise will have greater friction, but will, in turn, require a firmer push with your finger. Choose your poison. For me, it's a perfect solution. I set the Go Cruise, then, if I really want something more than a short break for my throttle hand, I can set the original throttle lock with no deceleration. I really like the combo. It works for me. Is it the one for you? That's up to you. Understand the limitations and you could be good to go. Good luck and ride safe.

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