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Aerostich Touch-Screen Elkskin Ropers

Aerostich Touch-Screen Elkskin Ropers

Product Review (submitted on June 1, 2012):
I got both my wife and I a pair of these gloves and we love them.

Her only complaint is that her hand get cold when the temp. is below 45. They are a little big for her even with the smallest size made. She still really likes them and she is able to keep her gloves on and use her phone or GPS while we ride. And yes she is the Pillion.

As for me I would have NEVER thought these gloves where that great. They are soft and comfortable after they are broken in. The touch screen thread doesn't always work but I guess it is better than always taking my gloves off to punch something into the GPS. I do have to say that the best part of these gloves came after I had to send them in for warranty work.

We rode to the coast and I used my old gloves that I got new last year and are still in great shape. They have all the modern features plus some and I THOUGHT I really liked them. By the time we got to the coast, only 180 miles from home, my hands were killing me. The weekend before we rode 860 miles in 26 hours and fatigue was not an issue. The only change was the gloves.

I got my replacement gloves last night and can't wait to get them broken in again. For such basic design, other than the touch screen, AeroStitch has done a great job with the design and materials used in these gloves.

Get and pair for yourself and I'm sure you will find the same thing true.

Happy riding,