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Men's Roadcrafter Classic Stealth One Piece

Men's Roadcrafter Classic Stealth One Piece

Product Review (submitted on June 2, 2012):
What can one say about excellence? The stealth is a roadcrafter one-piece, without the color and retroreflectives.
It's also quite very black. It matches all bikes ever made. If you sell your bike in two years, you won't have to get a new 'stich to match. It's black. Other drives on the road can't see you. This is a good thing, because they won't see you anyway, even if you had flashing lights and a siren on your head. Now at least you KNOW they don't see you, and you can ride accordingly. Scientia potentia est.

Waterpoof? It's a roadcrafter. If you've never ridden with a roadcrafter, then let's just say "yes, next question." If you have, well ... I'm not sure when it changed, but it's better than ever. The roadcrafter now sports waterproof zippers in all the main locations, rather than relying strictly on physical design to reject water. So far, it's working perfectly for me.

Crashworthy? I crashed my old roadcrafter at 65mph on the freeway in front of a line of police and firefighters who had just finished up with a previous accident in the same place. Slid, bounced, rolled.. sat up, stood up, gave them a big "Whoops" shrug, and trotted across the road completely uninjured. Rode the stich unrepaired for another five years unrepaired. Damage to the suit - < dime-sized hole in the outer layer of the rump, nothing on the inner layer, some scuffing on elbows and shoulder, meltscuffed patch on the right knee. Not visible, still waterproof. Damage to me? None.

Comfort? Absolute. I spent years riding cheap gear. Jacket after jacket, pants after pants, a couple one-pieces thrown in there that failed me at the worst times, and I always ended up soaked, cold, hot, with broken zippers and duct tape holding my suit closed in high teens coming through an iced up Louisiana after a winter storm, and otherwise miserable. Except I didn't realize I was miserable at the time, because I didn't know the difference. Almost twenty years of combat commuting and assault touring on sportbikes, and the last seven or so have been in total comfort, dryness (Except for paws) and protection. I can't recommend any piece of gear more highly than I recommend the traditional roadcrafter one-piece.

Convenience? I've brought several riders to my way of thinking merely by demonstrating just how easy it is to get into and out of my 'stich. Just a few seconds and I'm in street clothes or gear. It's kinda like being superman.

Someday the other gear manufacturers may catch up to what Aerostich has been offering for... twenty years? More?
... someday.

For now, whether I'm combat commuting, assault-touring, combat touring, or picking up groceries, I grab me stealth, grateful that such a thing exists for us riders.

Now if someone would just come up with a better helmet...