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Aerostich Triple Digit Covers

Aerostich Triple Digit Covers

Product Review (submitted on June 4, 2012):
After buying these last year, I have finally had a chance to test them out this past weekend. I wore them during a heavy downpour for my 30 min ride home, about 7 min surface streets and the rest highway. At a stop I noticed water pooling at the top of the covers on my forearms. When I got home, the top of my summer gloves were quite wet and both the sleeves of my shirt under the jacket were also wet.

I am quite disappointed as I had them synched up as tight as I could on my arms. I'm not sure I could have worn them differently as an over glove anyway. In theory these should work better worn over top of the glove but with the jacket sleeve over top. I'll see if I can even wear them this way and what that does next time it rains that hard.

But with my limited experience so far, I can not recommend these. I think the extra $ would be better going towards a better glove.