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Aerostich HD Sleeve Window Pocket

Aerostich HD Sleeve Window Pocket

Product Review (submitted on June 5, 2012):
I bought this to hold a FasTrack transponder (like EzPass in the East) for crossing the Golden Gate bridge because just stuffing the transponder in a pocket doesn't seem to work.

The good news is that now the transponder registers with the clear cover.

The bad news is that the pouch/strap combo is kind of clunky. The placement of the velcro on a Roadcrafter sleeve means that the straps interfere with the zipper on the left arm. So you have to either fiddle with the zipper to get it past the straps, or undo the straps each time you want to get out of your suit. So, not a great design. Plus, when the straps are on, the edges of the pouch stick out rather than wrapping around your arm. So it looks stuck on rather than an integral part of the suit.

I think I may end up attaching it to my messenger bag strap instead. At least there it'll be out of the way.