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Men's Roadcrafter Classic One Piece Suit

Men's Roadcrafter Classic One Piece Suit

Product Review (submitted on June 29, 2012):
I bought my latest Roadcrafter in Feb/Mar of 2011 [ish]. It came with the new "RIRI" zipper (vs the older "YKK"). I had an older suit (Hi Vis & Black) with the "YKK" zipper and it would leak in the crotch in heavy downpours, something that I couldn't live with for commuting. I switched over to a two piece, the AD1 pants (100% waterproof) and jacket from a different vendor.

For commuting, a two piece adds to your routine, it takes longer to put on the suit and take it off. May not sound like a huge deal, but if you really commute, every day, sun, rain, snow, sleet, ice, etc, it adds up. The Roadcrafter suit is the ultimate commuting gear. I have estimated that I've saved 12.5 hours in the year & half I've owned the suit alone. That's 12.5 hours of more time riding, making my morning tea, staring at the ceiling, etc.

I've put a little over 20k miles on this new suit since I got it. I've ridden it in just about every temp and condition possible, save for a sandstorm. It does not leak. The only problem I have with getting my work clothes wet is when I get to work after a bad rain storm and I take the suit off, the water from the suit drips. This will happen with any gear, this is NOT a problem with the 'stich.

I've only had this suit down to about 5F and up to 102F. We had a mild winter ;-) The suit has virtually no thermal quality whatsoever, when it gets cold, you need a liner or liners, heated is preferred. With heated gear, you can run the cords out the pocket access openings on the side, I've never had any leaks with the wires sticking out and the zipper & velcro up as far as they can go.

Plenty of storage in the 'stich. I've finally found a use for the "Glove holder" thing on the left chest. I put my waterproof camera there (attached with a small tether) so I can easily grab it to take photos (even while riding, so I have heard...).

Aerostich service is great, I just got my suit back from service, they had to replace the zipper.

I have the Red & Black. I'm not sure if something has changed in the recent future, but the Red suits of old would fade to a salmon color within the first year or two, mine doesn't appear to have faded at all. Its gotten dirty from daily use, but not faded that I can tell.

For touring, I think I prefer a 2 piece. I would get to a stop and either leave the suit on or slide out of the top of the suit when sitting at a table. I will be getting a Darien to replace my other jacket and have my backup gear be a 2 piece (which it already is). If you are primarily touring and like to stop and walk around, ask yourself if you will really want to get in and out of this suit all the time or if you are ok with leaving it on.