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Aerostich Riding Shorts

Aerostich Riding Shorts

Product Review (submitted on July 3, 2012):
Overall I think this is a decent product. They truly did extend my seat time and, consequently, the number of miles I could cover.

I wore them on a hot summer trip from the Midwest to Texas. The heat revealed the products shortcomings (pun not intended): they could not wick the sweat as fast as I was producing it which led to a mild rash as the trip went on (I washed them every night in Woolite) and the tall waist saw them pinch and bunch near my belly button producing folds that I noticed more and more during the trip.

Bathroom breaks were a bit more complicated without a fly and the moist stickiness resulting from the very hot weather (100+ temperatures).

I find myself looking at the merino wool shorts because of that fiber's greater comfort range.

I can live with the design's bunching, but will only use these when the weather is cool.