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Men's Roadcrafter Classic One Piece Suit

Men's Roadcrafter Classic One Piece Suit

Product Review (submitted on July 9, 2012):
I just want you to know how much I appreciate the benefits of your Roadcrafter one piece suit. I road to and back from Anamosa IA, for an open house, some 1500 miles round trip. Temps ranged from 60-104 degrees outside for the trip. No rain was encountered but much hot and wilting sun bore down on me on the trip home. I rode the 650 miles home with nothing but a light shirt and shorts on under the Roadcrafter suit and was comfortable the whole time. The suit was warm enough when it was cool out, and cool enough when it was hot out. I also had a camelback water backpack filled with ice and water on under the suit so I could stay hydrated and cool. The suit ventilated through the arms and legs and chest enough that I didn't sweat out or even dampen my shirt or shorts. The arm pit holes and back vent really work well to circulate air. The cold from the camelback pack kept my back cool and the inside of the suit comfortable. My buddies with me thought I was nuts for wearing the big outfit. Yet they had to put sunscreen on, and douse themselves with water at each stop, about 2 hours intervals. I didn't expect the insulating value of the suit from the road surface though. The highway was radiating tremendous heat up as you can imagine, so I zipped the pant legs closed around my boots and I didn't feel the heat much at all. Yep I consumed 140 ozs of water during the ride home, but didn't feel dehydrated or that thirsty. I also found out that when stopped for gas, I would start to sweat because the lack of air flow, but when I got back on the road, my how cool I felt as the sweat evaporated from inside the suit. I kidded my buddies that I rode in the "Shade" all day in my suit. I needed no sunscreen for sun protection or wind protection. I was ready for any rain that might come. I was insulated from the excessive road heat and bike heat. I also believe I lost less of my body fluids because of the "containment" properties of the suit vs riding with only light shirt and jeans, like my friends were wearing. I have not mentioned the excellent protection I was wearing, the main reason I wear the Roadcrafter, because the other riders didn't think it was a valid reason to wear such a suit because they were not planning on having an accident and going down on the pavement. No one ever plans on going down do they.????

So I just wanted to congratulate you for making what many believe is the finest rider wear for motorcycles in the world, myself included. I didn't realize their were so many other benefits to wearing a Roadcrafter besides protection in an accident and I wanted others to know what I learned about your product.

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