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Roadcrafter Light One Piece Suit

Roadcrafter Light One Piece Suit

Product Review (submitted on July 10, 2012):
I bought another brand’s “onesie” around five years ago, but limited sizing options and a long-waisted build made for a less than optimal experience. When I tried to make a pass-through slot for an electric liner, I realized that $399 might not buy that much protection—the suit unravelled in my hands. Because it was always such a pain to get on and off, I was glad to have an excuse to toss it in the trash.

Over the past year or so, I’ve “made due” with a Falstaff jacket—which is brilliant. But like a naughty toddler bolting for freedom mid-diaper change, I usually left without my "bottoms," riding in a pair of blue jeans, boots, ‘Staff, gloves and helmet. Not bad, but not optimal for a guy with a family and a mortgage.

I perked-up when the Roadcrafter Light was announced. I had always wanted a Roadcrafter, but I knew the original would be too hot for most of my riding. I have no problem staying warm in the winter, but I’ll be damned if I don’t spend most of the summer damp in some intimate place or other.

The suit arrived three days ago when the high temp was 101°. How did it perform in that heat? I have no idea. But the following day, when the mercury topped-out in the low-90s, I was happy with my choice. The fit of a long is perfect. And like my Falstaff, everything makes sense. I basically moved the leg pads a bit and I was good to go. Easy on and off, just like the story we’ve all heard before. In a few short days and a few hundred miles, it’s become an integral piece of riding gear.

Gripes? None, really. I ordered gray and black, not to blend in, but in an effort to hide all of the bug guts and crap my old bike kicks up, and the gray was a bit of a surprise. It isn’t so much gray as a sort of faded, Soviet-submarine green. Not unappealing, just not what I was expecting. I’ve warmed up to the color—it adds to the suit’s form-follows-function attitude and becomes more pronounced with a smoke-tinted visor. I’m happy I picked one up.

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