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Aerostich Elkskin Ropers

Aerostich Elkskin Ropers

Product Review (submitted on July 13, 2012):
Ive owned a pair of black elkskin ropers for 6+ years, several interactions with the pavement and a wreck that totaled my bike, and they were still going strong.
The Stitching on 1 finger just started to go so i ordered a new pair in natural and another in black. The comparison between old and new is amazing, so much life has gone into my old pair I'm sad to put them down, but 3 weeks in and I think the new pair is even better. These Gloves are well thought out squeegee and all

Pros: supple leather, durability, nice fit, rugged, breathable, comfortable, short gauntlet, amazing gloved dexterity, wet weather no problem, sink wash as desired and hang dry overnight, i can actually grab a zipper (without a pull tab) or manipulate a phone through my pocket

Cons: black color runs when it gets wet - as indicated online and in delivered packaging, they have a break in period - could be a week or a year depending on how your ride, sizing is a bit tricky (i got a 10.5 as thats how i measured, i might go a .5 smaller next time), not the warmest gloves in near 0 degree weather (cheap running gloves inside make a great addition if you get occasional cold days)

Overall: shut up and buy it already - best gloves I've ever owned for riding, and they will live on as work gloves