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Aerostich Mini Compressor

Aerostich Mini Compressor

Product Review (submitted on July 30, 2012):
Nice little compressor, worked great. Hauled to Prudhoe Bay and back from Oklahoma and only needed it to adjust pressures. Fortunately I didn't have a major tire repair to have to put it thru a long hard pumping session. I plugged it into my power plug (cigarette lighter style) on my Super Tenere and it pulled enough amps to blow the 2 amp fuse. So I popped off the side panel and clipped directly on the battery terminals. Funny, every time I pulled it out, my other 2 companions on Tenere's pulled their bikes over to check and adjust their tire pressures too. Why not? They even used my tire gauge too. Glad to help guys. It was small and topped off a tire quickly. I like the compact size and yes, it does get hot when in use. So let it cool before repacking or handle by the carabiner. The included carrying case and wiring options provided were handy. The compressor did the job, was small and compact and was a resonable price, win win. If it says Aerostitch on it you can count on it.

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