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Ear Cannon Air Horn

Ear Cannon Air Horn

Product Review (submitted on July 30, 2012):
If you are a shy, quiet person, don't buy this. If you want to scare the $#%& out of some who is about to drive you into an accident, GET IT NOW! This is the best accesory a motorcyclist can add to a bike. I'm getting one for my other 2 bikes and my Z71 truck. I may even put one on my wife's Tahoe.

These are freaking LOUD and worth every dB and penny. Other riders love it and want to know where to get one. Did I mention they are FREAKING LOUD? I rode over 10,000 miles (not K's, miles) to Alaska and back from Oklahoma and will never leave home without one again. I would even caution riders to use them selectively. Sometimes it might do more damage than good. An quick easy little "Toot-Toot" is all that's needed. A long hold on the horn button will send residents in Oklahoma scurrying for storm shelters. The quick connect kit made installation a breeze and it is big enough that finding a mounting location on some bikes may be an issue. You cannot mount it on the flimsy OEM stamped bracket on most bikes.

Again this is a loud attention getting noise maker and discretion when to use is required. You will force unattentive drivers in the ditch, but isn't that why we buy them in the first place?

Quality piece at a reasonable price. And it Areostitch sells them, you know they are a good product.