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Darien Jacket

Darien Jacket

Product Review (submitted on October 17, 2008):
I've had my Darien set for almost 6 years now. I got the hi-viz slime green jacket shortly after it was offered. Although there are the constant questions of whether I'm a firefighter (perhaps you should offer a "Not a Firefighter" patch for the back?), the visibility of this is really awesome. I'd rather be visible and ugly than beautiful and dead. Road grime does show up fairly quickly on the hi-viz but unless you never wash the jacket, grime doesn't really affect the visibility.

OK, one crocodile tear complaint - toooo many zippered compartments! I'm always misplacing things inside the jacket.

And two real complaints...

First, the neck closure is difficult to secure out of the way when you don't want the neck closed off. The closure tab could use hook-and-loop on both sides. Trying to get the tab under the keep-it-out-of-the-way loop on the left side is difficult after the jacket is on.

Second, without a windshield, lots of cold air gets through this same closure when it's fastened closed. The fleece liner does not have enough overlap to prevent this. You need to wear additional insulation on your upper chest/lower neck to keep the chill out.

Don't get me wrong, it's a fantastic suit and well worth the cost. I wore it two Februaries ago on a 700 mile, 1 day trip from northern CA to WA. Weather was just awful, rained hard for half the trip and for the other half the air temperature was near freezing. That suit got me through the trip warm and dry!