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Falstaff Pants

Falstaff Pants

Product Review (submitted on September 6, 2012):
Holy Luxury Tax, Batman!
Five-hundred dollars for a pair of pants?? Yup. Almost five-fifty with alterations. So what do you get for that sort of money? In my case, I got the most comfortable, best wearing, most practical pair of motorcycle pants I've ever owned.

How about a pair of motorcycle pants you don't want to take off at the end of the day...that's what these are.

Waxed cotton might not be as waterproof as gore-tex or as abrasion resistant as leather, but it's infinitely more comfortable than either of them. Pulling these on is like pulling on a well worn pair of levis that you never bothered to wash, except they don't make you smell like a homeless person.

I have a Darien Jacket that I've used and loved for years, but when I tried the Darien Pants I just didn't like the feel of them. Too rigid, too hot, too stiff. I decided to pony up the extra money for the Falstaff Pants and I couldn't be happier. Makes me wish the Falstaff Jacket was around when I ordered my Darien.

I don't know how they do in the rain, but frankly I don't care. I rarely ride in the rain, and for as comfortable as they are I'll happily accept something less waterproof than gore-tex.

In short, they're a hell of a lot of money, but they're also really, really nice. And hey, paying the credit card bill only hurts once. Having pants you don't really like hurts every time you pull them on. At least that's what I keep telling myself.