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Aerostich LP (Lightweight Portable) Bag

Aerostich LP (Lightweight Portable) Bag

Product Review (submitted on September 24, 2012):
I didn't have high expectations, but I am very pleasantly surprised how useful this is. I bought it on a whim that it would be handy one day, and stuck in under my ducktail. It really is very small when packed into it's built in pouch. I was out on my bike, and remembered it was my wifes birthday! Ouch, better buy something before I get home. Went to a small gifts store, bought 3 items (1 gist from me, and one for each of our kids to give her). then I realised I had no way to carry. For a split second I was contemplating jamming them into the front of my riding jacket, but that would have crushed the beautiful gift wrapping. Then I remembered the bag! So easy, popped everything into it, slung it on my back! It didn't even flap in the wind on the way home. Woohoo, Excellent quality, much stronger than expected. I am going to buy another and stick it in the Porsche glove box!!!

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