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Sigma Speedometer

Sigma Speedometer

Product Review (submitted on October 5, 2012):
This item is a mixture of easy and difficult. The set-up of the basic instrument was pretty straight forward, and the instructions were clear. What was unclear was how to attach the leads to the instrument, there are no holes on the instrument to plug them into, and it took je a while to figure out that they don't "plug" in, but are slotted into some openings at the bottom of the instrument holder. The next problem was deciding how and where to mount it on the motorcycle, as the bicycle mounting (spoke and fork) won't work on the typical motorcycle.

I ended up mounting the magnet that came as part of the "crank" reader (it comes in two parts, I used the upper) on the inside edge of the rotor carrier, and the pick up on
the lower portion of the fork leg. There was virtually no other place to mount it on my '99 Thunderbird Sport.

I think it works, I need to ride with someone else to judge the accuracy, but it seems to be reading the speed and mileage OK.

Its nice and tidy, but only a fill in until I can lay my hands on a replacement speedo/odo at a price I can afford.