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Men's Roadcrafter Classic Two Piece Suit

Men's Roadcrafter Classic Two Piece Suit

Product Review (submitted on October 28, 2012):
When I purchased the two piece, I thought the jacket was too big. I called up a buddy of mine that had a roadcrafter suit, and asked him to come over and check it out. When he came over he told me to put a fleece over top of my tshirt, then get on the motorcycle. Well after i did that it fit as it should have, perfect. Riding in cold weather, your going to have to layer up, it's good to have a little extra room for layers. Also I have noticed that with a little extra room when it is hot outside and I have the pit zips and back zipper open, I am nice and cool when riding down the road.

I really enjoy the convienience of the zipper system to get in and out of this suit.

Last weekend I did a short trip about 180 miles through the mountains and the desert. The weather was warm in the mountains and hot in the desert on the way there. I had all the vents open through the desert and stayed relatively cool. On the way back from the trip it was cold and rainy. I threw on an extra layer stayed warm and dry the whole ride home.

I spent a lot of time contemplating this suit. I am glad I finally made the decision to buy it. I made the right decision. Looking forward to putting many years and many miles on this suit.