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Aerostich WINDSTOPPER Electric Vest

Aerostich WINDSTOPPER Electric Vest

Product Review (submitted on October 31, 2012):
i just started using this vest a few weeks ago so i dont have a ton of miles with it yet. Also, this is the first heated vest I have owned so I cant compair with others.

I have used it under my leather riding jacket and my aerostitch suit. it works very well. The windblocker fabric inside the vest helps keep my core warm even when the vest is not on. I like the vest since it does not add bulk in the sleeves of my jacket or suit. I like the freedom of movement this affords me.

once turned on, its heats up nicely. with the vest in my suit and grip heaters, i've been comfortable down to the low 40s high 30s. i have not been able to ride in temps lower then that but i suspect that combo will keep me warm well bellow freezing.
the construction looks top notch and the electrical equiptment that came with it looks high quality as well.

i cant comment on the durability since i just bought it but so far so good. its made in the usa and good quality materials. I feel i got my $ worth. I generaly subscribe to the buy once, cry once philosophy. i'll spend the extra dough on the good stuff. no regrets on this purchace.