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DarienLight Jacket

DarienLight Jacket

Product Review (submitted on November 7, 2012):
...and ok, smaller frame guys. At 5'6" and 145, I ordered a Hi-Viz 38 as recommended by the most amazingly great sizers at Aerostich. Off the hanger, I looked like Carol Burnett in the Scarlett O'Hara skit with the curtain rod shoulders. The TF3 armor was enormous on me which made the high neck an issue. Matt tackled my problem by suggesting a trade-out of the TF3 with the TF5 armor of the Transit Jacket. I paid the difference and with mad skills, (ok, took me an hour), finally got all the TF5 pieces (pads and pad sleeves) put in the right places. Ahhh. (and I also have new-found respect for all those stichers who work with these fabrics!) Now the jacket fits and protects. As with all men's stuff, hip space isn't included, but you can size up a bit for that problem if you can deal with the shoulder/elbow pad sizing with this fix. I love my Roadcrafter Suit (size 40) and love this addition when I just want a shorter jaunt. The Hi-Viz makes me feel safer too. The adjustable Waist Belt works neat to make it look less like a straightjacket and a bit more feminine as long as you've accounted for the straightline zipper sizing for your hips. Love the magnets for holding the collar in place if you don't need it high & tight. Thanks to Aerostich for helping me work through the issues. Hopefully, one day, they will have some gear that is specifically built for a women's frame...its great gear! Hope this helps.

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