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Aerostich Elkskin Gauntlets

Aerostich Elkskin Gauntlets

Product Review (submitted on November 18, 2012):
Ok... I've owned a few pairs of gloves.

I'm not a racer boy and will never be, but I expect my gloves to be functional, protective, comfortable, and long-lived. I like deerskin and elk because they allow reasonable dexterity and deal well with getting wet, which happens fairly frequently when one uses a bike for practical transport.

I've owned gloves from Thurlow, Zee Leathers, Bates and lots of lesser brands. Most of my deerskin gloves from other sources were either lacking in protective features, poorly sewn, or ready for the bin in about a year and a half of daily use.

The latest pair of the Aerostich elkskin gauntlets I recently purchased are the third pair I've owned. Each pair I've purchased has been better than the last.

These were perfect right out of the box. Hides were not too thick -- soft, and ready to go without break-in. I've never had a seam fail on one of these, and each has lasted at least 5 full years of daily use. Retention systems work with a variety of different jackets/suits, the extra protection on the knuckles and heel of the hand is great without being overkill. The shield wiper is nothing short of brilliant. I do ATM ride throughs and gas purchases without even taking my gloves off -- dexterity is great.

I have a full fairinged bike with grip heaters and I wear them year round. They are not too warm in stinking maryland summers and are warm enough with the heaters cranked.

Comfortable, long-lived, safe and reasonably priced. My preference are the ones in natural finish.

For street or adventure touring use, you can't go wrong with these. These gloves did for gloves what the Roadcrafter did for riding suits.