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Aerostich Merino Wool Insulated Elkskin Gauntlets

Aerostich Merino Wool Insulated Elkskin Gauntlets

Product Review (submitted on November 21, 2012):
I have only had these gloves for a short while, so no comments on durability (or crashworthiness). They are plenty warm for commuting 15 minutes at freeway speeds at temperatures down to about 40°F, even on the bikes without grip heaters, which is pleasing for a relatively thin glove. Unlike my other winter gloves, I can operate the keypad on my garage door with them on, and even pick up a coin from a table. Best of all, they are some of the most comfortable gloves I have worn (both moto and non-moto).

I find the back-strap very hard to get through the metal loop while wearing the other glove, so I always reattach the strap loosely before putting the gloves on rather than letting it hang loose. Otherwise very easy to get in and out of, especially compared to some moto gloves where it is almost a life-or-death struggle.

Some break-in notes. I treated them with the suggested Nikwak Glove Proof before using them. First ride in the rain, the leather was saturated, and was still damp after air-drying all day in the office, but the inside stayed dry. Next rain ride the leather stayed relatively dry, even though I did not do anything to them in between. I have not noticed any dye leaking (I have the black ones). The palms and fingers were more slippery on the controls than other gloves, but they are getting more “tacky” with use and are now about the same as other gloves. The lining would snag on my thumbs when putting them on, but this has gone away with use.