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Aerostich Elkskin Gauntlet Gloves

Aerostich Elkskin Gauntlet Gloves

Product Review (submitted on December 3, 2012):
I've had these for just over a week and have to say first off that so many of the great qualities mentioned by everyone else are true: soft/strong/comfortable/easy to use/etc. But there's one issue that makes me think I may have to buy a different pair of gloves elsewhere: the right-hand glove fingers are twisting. Left hand fits fine, but the ring and pinky finger of the right hand glove have spun about 90 degrees clockwise so that even with the glove off and laying on the table, these two fingers lay on their side. This means that I'm grabbing the throttle straight down on a seam. It's as if the stitching is too tight between the middle/ring finger causing the rest of the finger to twist. Not sure if I just got a bad glove since the left hand is fine or if others have had similar issues...

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