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Roadcrafter Light One Piece Suit

Roadcrafter Light One Piece Suit

Product Review (submitted on December 4, 2012):
Over the years I have owned every design of Aerostich suit/jacket/pants made. I started with the one piece back in the 80's when I lived in Albuquerque, but when I moved to the midwest it was just too hot to wear in the summer. I then went to the two piece and just wore the jacket in the worst of the heat....still pretty hot but better than the one piece. Then I went to the Darien....I now own two Darien's, can't own to much Aerostich gear....I love the Darien, but have the same problem with heat in the summer now that I'm living in Arizona. I found myself ridng with the Darian jacket but with a pair of jeans because of the heat ....not the smartest thing to do. Finally, the One Piece Light, the best of all worlds. Being a one piece, you WILL wear it and have great protection year round. In the summer a pair of shorts and a T shirt under the Light and I'm good to go. I can be off the bike and out of the suit in 10 seconds or less. When it's 115 degrees in Lake Havasu City or Las Vegas, getting out of the suit in a hurry is important. In what we call winter here, a pair of jeans and a sweatshirt under the Light and I'm good as long as I stay out of the high country. I still have the two Dariens and my second new Two Piece hanging in the closet if I ever have the need, but the One Piece Light is pretty much the best of all worlds. I've lived and toured all over the country and I believe the Light to be the best riding gear I have ever used. Aerostich has hit a home run with this suit.....

Mike In Arizona, AKA
Long distance Rider

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