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Aerostich SAE Thermostat

Aerostich SAE Thermostat

Product Review (submitted on January 25, 2013):
When I treated myself to a new electric vest (my 20-year-old Widder kept mysteriously shrinking in the closet), I decided to upgrade the controller as well. I had been using the analog thermostatic version that came with my Widder.

The old analog unit has a slow cycle time and allowed the vest to alternate between too warm and too cool. And the thing was big and bulky.

It's a big improvement: the heat is steady and consistent, and is infinitely adjustable. It's also a nice compact unit.

I'm pleased with the purchase: it's a premium product, albeit at a premium price.

The only thing to be aware of is that the battery in and load cords must be correctly connected.... if it doesn't heat up the first time you use it, RTFM!