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Ear Cannon Air Horn

Ear Cannon Air Horn

Product Review (submitted on January 28, 2013):
I had this on back order for months, and i'm glad I didn't give up on it. Stebel finally got things worked out and started shipping them again and I finally got mine in January 2013.

I was able to securely mount mine to the existing horn bracket on my 2005 ZX-6R which was surprising. I thought for sure I would have to bury it under a fairing and fabricate a bracket for it. It was a tight fit though, and when the wheel is at full turn to the right, it does touch ever so slightly but not enough to cause the horn to move. But since the stock horn bracket has a bushing to allow some flex even it if touched it wouldn't be a problem. I did need to add a single bolt through the top hole of the mount part of the horn to help lock in the screw that is included and ensure that it didn't come off.

I ride my bike hard in the curves, do wheelies and even like to catch some air over the railroad tracks by my house. I haven't had a single problem with it...and even the most distracted driver hears me now. The other day at the train crossing after the train honked, I laid on the horn button and it was loud enough to get the conductor to stick his head out and look to see where it was coming from. I did it again and his head was quickly replaced by a thumbs up...

Of all of the various upgrades on my bike this is hand down my favorite. I'll be putting one on every vehicle I own from now on...