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DarienLight Jacket

DarienLight Jacket

Product Review (submitted on February 5, 2013):
I just bought a Darien Light (jacket and pants) because my Darien "Heavy" (for want of another name - the 500 denier one) is really too hot for Australian summers, though, admittedly, great at other times.
I wish I had bought the Darien Light initially, as it is just perfect for all Australian conditions, especially with the Kanetsu liner for use in our only really cold places, the Alpine areas in Victoria and New South Wales.
I have used the "Darien heavy" since mid 2011 on some long trips around Australia in both winter (which is generally pretty mild in this part of the world) and summer (which is not mild, but pretty hot) though, as mentioned, the heavier weight Darien is too hot for comfort .
It accompanied me up the north of Western Australia in winter, and over to Sydney and back in summer, and has travelled about 40,000 km, though is still pretty stiff.
I floated the idea with Aerostich's marketing guys to put me on their advertised scheme of volunteers who will "run your Darien in for you", but they did not take me up on the offer.
But the Darien Light on the other hand is just the right weight and affords as much protection as I should ever need (fingers crossed) and is so much cooler, and also stows away in the panniers a lot more easily than the "Heavy".
I particularly like the quality of manufacture (superb) and all those useful pockets, as well as the all round comfort, especially around the neck.
This is a product that outperforms all the riding gear that I have ever had in the past.
I recommend the Darien Light to any Aussie who wants fantastic riding gear.

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