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Falstaff Motorcycle Jacket

Falstaff Motorcycle Jacket

Product Review (submitted on March 26, 2013):
I've had my Falstaff for a couple of years now and I still find it hard to grab it for a ride when I have other motorcycle jackets beside it. It's got a few thousand miles on it but not nearly as many as I thought it would when I first ordered it. I love the waxed cotton and although others have complained about how dirty it gets I actually like the look. My sleeves have blackened and developed a nice patina as well as other parts of the jacket. I can only imagine what it would look like if it was my daily wearer.

Some things that keep this jacket from being worn more often are the armor and the sleeves. The armor is incredibly bulky and I have other riding jackets with very well concealed armor that is probably just as effective. I don't need to look like a football player when off my motorcycle. The armor is also not very comfortable when walking around off the bike.

As far as the sleeves go, my arms aren't very long and I've never had problems with any jacket ever having sleeves too short for me, but these sleeves are a solid inch too short. During summer I don't mind the gap between my gloves and jacket but in winter it's a pain. And there is also SO much extra lining in the section of the sleeve between the elbow pad and the wrist that even with a t-shirt on I have a hard time zippering the sleeve fully closed. Forget layering up or wearing a watch...the zipper won't even come close to the fully closed position. And because the wrist area is so large and bulky I have a hard time fitting my gauntlets over them comfortably.

So bottom line...If my Falstaff was stolen tomorrow I wouldn't buy another. I really like the look of the Falstaff and how it's aging, but unless I don't mind taking off my watch and dealing with annoying gloves/bunchiness/fiddling with gauntlets etc, and of course the football player look, I usually grab a different riding jacket. [I'd also like to add that Aerostitch DID try to remedy my problems with the sleeves and told me I could send the jacket back for alterations, but I chose not to do so. The jacket was brand new at the time and I didn't want to part with it.. I just figured I'd get accustomed to it with some mileage. So I do not want to fault Aerostitch..I just didn't take them up on their offer.]