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DarienLight Jacket

DarienLight Jacket

Product Review (submitted on June 14, 2013):
I scraped up my money and bought a black Darien Light jacket in 1999, and it's been the only jacket I've worn ever since for long cross-country trips and everyday wear. And I think it's still got a few years of life left in it. After 14 years there is some delamination of the material showing and a little wear and tear in places, but it still keeps me bone dry.

Over the years the good folks in Duluth have made some zipper and zipper pull repairs for me, but that's all it has needed, except for the occasional washing and recommended treatment.

The jacket has never leaked, even in spring and summer Midwest thunderstorms and downpours. In hot weather, opening the wrists, pits and back vents is like turning on air conditioning--as long as you're moving and the air is flowing through. When it's hot, hot... layering with a wet t-shirt or evap vest has helped--as long as you're moving.

There's no better jacket and I'm sure I'll buy a new one, if this one ever really wears out.