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Roadcrafter Classic Stealth One Piece

Roadcrafter Classic Stealth One Piece

Product Review (submitted on July 11, 2013):
I live in the UK and have to pay a load of tax when I buy a suit from Aerostich. So why have I bought another one .... I am replacing some F*kka kit that failed badly after one slow (c 30 mph) low side- it was totalled, tore open at teh shoulder and knee and left me hobbling with a cut and swollen knee for 4 weeks.
If I had been wearing my original Aerostich (sadly long sold due to weight gain) I am 100% sure I'd have got up undamaged and been able to use the suit again.
So it had to be a Roadcrafter again, why Stealth? I am a bike tart- always changing them - this matches anything, plus I do not assume anyone but LEOs can see me (and then only LEO's intending to fine me for speeding)- I feel safer.
Finally the new zips are waterproof, one of the reasons I bought a F*kka suit was to get suitable protection from the weather. If there's one thing Finland knows about it's severe weather (well that and driving quickly F1, rally anything but bikes I think).
So it's an update on an already great design and makes me feel safer and ride more defensively. If I total this in a crash then I'll know it was a big one not an innocuous tumble!!!

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