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Aerostich Electric Warmbib

Aerostich Electric Warmbib

Product Review (submitted on December 6, 2013):
I decided on a Warm Bib from Aerostich as part of my "Dual Sport Ensemble". Yeah, that's kinda lame, but it is what it is. I ride with a 'stich on my Versys, layering up or down underneath as needed. It's been an a fine solution for 12 years, a great design, and nothing needed fixing (I did have it crash repaired once, and had the pants zips replaced with the new ones last year). It can be a bit warm for Dual sporting though.
I have a jacket from another company that I picked up barely used and I've been using it on the DR. The jacket works pretty well and it has a toasty zip-in liner. The liner provides a nice insulated layer everywhere- except down the front! The DR spills a lot of air at the chest, and once I got the bike I really noticed the gap. Initially I dealt with the problem by ditching the liner and using a wind-block fleece. This eliminated the cold spot and fixed another issue of the jacket- the collar chafes when fully closed. It was more tolerable than toasty though, and layering my Aero heated vest under it was bulky, especially at the collar. I didn't have a power port for the vest on the DR anyway.
Snatching victory from the jaws of defeat, I decided to take the plunge on the warm bib. I also bought the Battery Tender Jr., and am just using the pigtail from the BT to power the bib. The liner went back into the jacket, the warm bib blocks the wind at the gap and adds toasty heat at the core when plugged in. Works great! Warm core means more blood flow to the hands AND feet, also the heat is added at a well insulated spot and doesn't get blown away or sucked into the aluminum bars. I'm holding off on the heated grips for now, though I may end up caving, warm grips are deliciously decadent.
The bib has a comfy fleece collar, adds very little (additional) bulk under the jacket, and packs up small enough to ride in the US10. The pigtail hides behind the left-side panel keeping the spartan aesthetic intact, and I get to keep the cool Oury grips.
So I fixed my jacket from the other guys with a modestly priced piece from Aerostich. What's that? Shoulda bought a Darien?

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