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Aerostich Light Weight Utility Pants

Aerostich Light Weight Utility Pants

Product Review (submitted on December 10, 2013):
After emailing Customer Service regarding sizing, I purchased a pair of Light Weight Utility Pants in size 38 long. They come with a 34.5" inseam, which will be just fine for me.

My intention is to wear these pants any time of the year that it's too cold to wear mesh pants. Most of the time I will be wearing them over underwear only, with the occasional use of a pair of light fleece pants or long johns.

As advertised, the pants fit like jeans. They are very comfortable, even right out of the box. I can't wait for the stiffness to wear off! Right now they are quite noisy to walk in.

I have two minor nits to pick. First, it's a struggle to get my Aerostich Last Chance Totally Serious Belt through the belt loops. Second, though I'm not a very "hippy" guy (read not much butt), the pants are a tad tight with a pair of Aerostich hip pads installed. It's not quite so tight a fit that I want to trade for a larger pair, but they do make a difference in the saddle. We'll see.

I haven't put a lot of miles on these pants yet, but I like what I've seen so far.