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Transit 2 Two Piece Suit

Transit 2 Two Piece Suit

Product Review (submitted on August 9, 2014):
I am not normally much of a reviewer. However, I was just at the Portland, OR pop-up event and felt inspired to review the Transit. I have the previous generation suit (2?) with the external side adjusters but before the pit zips and coin pocket on the sleeve. While at the pop up I was wearing my Transit, having ridden in from the Gorge that morning. I chatted with another fellow who was also wearing a Transit. We both lamented not having the coin pocket on the sleeve and the extra venting. And agreed that we'd not be buying a new one just for those features (in case you were wondering, Aerostich staff at the even says there is no retro-fitting of these features on an older jacket). I was telling him how I've got about 23ish thousand miles on mine, and it's exceeded every expectation. Fits great, absolutely waterproof (and I've ridden in some serious NW "frog chokers" in this thing), and very warm. My main gripe is that it's too hot in summer. My Sprint's underseat exhaust isn't helping matters here....but even so I truly wish I had the vents underarm. The fellow then asked if I open the cuffs. Well, I've tried it says I...didn't help all that much. He asks if I've opened them up ALL the way using the over the wrist velcro. This sometimes maligned (by reviewers) velcro on the cuff has never been an issue for me as I wear my gloves under the sleeves. Anyway today (88 degrees) I tried it with the back vent open and the main front zipper about 1/3 open. Voila!! much, much better. At least while in motion. I may well be the only fool who didn't think of this, but in case I'm not give it a try!

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