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Aerostich Parcel Bag

Aerostich Parcel Bag

Product Review (submitted on July 19, 2008):
I'm a large rider (6'4", 280) and this is a good size for me. As the copy says, it wraps around your back comfortably. With the optional stabilizer strap - which I strongly recommend - I don't notice it much while riding. I think that it's possible to load this down with more weight than you should carry on your back, so some restraint is advisable. Mine was in putrescent hi-viz lime yellow, truly repugnant, but at least they can seem me while they are revolted. My unit included two interior pockets. I'd suggest getting the interior organizer, or some of the Aerostich packing bags if you want to carry a lot of miscellaneous stuff rather than a few larger things.

The shoulder strap is wide, and the pad is excellent, although it won't stay in one place on my unit. The carrying handle is useful for carrying the bag, but it seems a little wimpy for carrying it if it's full of stuff.

Made in USA.

Overall, recommended. This can carry enough stuff for a multi-day trip, although not waterproof. Just don't overweight it with anything you would not want on your back in an accident. Dirty laundry, ideal; concrete blocks, not so good. I'm happy with mine.