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AD1 Motorcycle Pants

AD1 Motorcycle Pants

Product Review (submitted on April 9, 2007):
Received my AD1 pants a few days ago.
I purchased them for riding between 30 and 45 deg as I could not take the cold below 45 and don’t ride when there is a possibility of ice.

Comments: (positive)

They are as advertised. At 30 deg, at night, with just jeans under them, I was comfortable.

The sizing chart worked out perfectly.

The length, at first, seemed way too long as another commenter noted, however, after getting settled in, and learning where they went on my body, the length was just right. In fact, someone must have spent a long time getting the design right as it is an excellent fit. They cover the little, but annoying area between my shoes and pants where wind used to get in.

Yes, they are stiff, but that is not a problem once they are on.
I have a wide seat on my bike, a little wiggling is required to get comfortable, but it is OK.
It takes some time to learn how to get them on and off quickly.
The pockets' are great. The reflectors are also very good.

Basically, I am very pleased....and would recommend them to anyone who asks.

Comments: (negative)

There was a sale when I bought them and a note on there web site that there was a $50 reduction for cosmetic problems. I asked the person on the line if the finale price would be the advertised price less the 50? I even stated the amount. She said she would check and in a few minutes confirmed the price. The price on the bill did not reflect the $50. Phone call could not resolve problem only that I could return them. -

Martin Balk