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DarienLight Jacket

DarienLight Jacket

Product Review (submitted on October 16, 2008):
Well, writing that the Darien Light is a perfect jacket is kind of boring, but here goes anyway...

First, thanks to Aerostich for understanding that Velcro is best used sparingly. After fighting like a madman to open and close the vents in my old Olympia AST jacket, the Darien Light is literally a breath of fresh air. The main jacket zipper is reinforced with lots of Velcro, but opening and closing that part of the jacket is a gross-motor movement, which is an ideal application for Velcro.

I really love the little touches, such as not using Velcro to secure the collar tab "closed," but instead using a simple tab loop. It's those little things that add up.

Also, the photos on the web site don't do justice to the Desert Sand color on the Darien Light. The color is a very attractive off-white. For those who want to be visible, but aren't ready to commit to Hi-Viz, the Desert Sand color is a perfect compromise.

What else... Well, one thing to keep an eye on is the cuff zippers. The material inside the cuff "wants" to get stuck in the zipper, so after a lot of patient training, the zipper now closes without ever getting caught.

I really compare my first Aerostich jacket to a Sig Sauer pistol: It's just so right that it's a pleasure to use!