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5-Function Digital Meter

5-Function Digital Meter

Product Review (submitted on May 21, 2007):
I bought one of these a couple of years ago and finally got around to installing it last fall. Plus factors are the compact size, plus the ability to have all this information in one place. Negative factors:

1. Temperature readings are very, very dependent upon where you mount the sensor. I found that mounting it in the fairing (1999 Triumph Tiger) led to abnormally high readings when stopped for any period of time, as the engine heat became a factor.

2. Voltage reading does not match VOM readings taken at the battery. I suspect that the low-gauge cables are partly to blame.

3. The unit will run down your battery if you do not have it on a switched connection (Orange wire if I recall correctly). Don't ask me how I know, and probably not a factor if you ride at least weekly.

4. Compact size makes it easily hidden by a tank bag, and it takes a little time to locate the information you are seeking -- an issue for us older riders who focus more slowly than in youth.

I can't speak to the black ice warning, but I suspect that it is also dependent upon the sensor placwment.

All in all, a great idea whose execution is not up to the usual Aerostich standards.