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5-Function Digital Meter

5-Function Digital Meter

Product Review (submitted on January 16, 2007):
I found this to work great! I would have rated it higher if it was waterproof or at least came with a good clear cover. I use a plastic bag to keep the water out, but I have had the display fill up with water and the unit still worked. The temperature guage is very accurate as long as you get the remote sensor in the air stream at the front of the bike. It's very quick to react to temperature changes and the freeze alarm combined with the freeze lights have been put to good use several times.

I have also found the volt meter to be accurate. I wish I could turn off the annoying beep when it drops below 11.5 v, but there is no option for this.

I don't find the unit to put any noticable drain on my battery even though it's on all the time. The backlight is only on when the key is on so the LCD display does not take much voltage to keep it on without the light.