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Yellow Cards

Yellow Cards

Product Review (submitted on May 3, 2009):
An ambulance was making it's way through traffic on a call. Our city ambulances have very large horns that sound like a freight train. They are CRAZY loud. A lady in a Camry failed to notice the thing right behind her for two blocks. The poor ambulance driver was standing on the horn, siren going,etc... Finally, she moved over and stopped in the middle of an intersecting street. As I came along, she neither looked nor noticed me coming with MY horn blaring and pulled out right in front of me. I missed her by a few feet and continued onward. It must've sunk in how dangerous her actions were. As I glanced in my mirrors, the woman drove at 5mph under the limit for the next few minutes, falling farther and farther behind ambient traffic.

At a red light down the road, I found myself beside this person and tossed one of these on her hood. The light changed and she moved on. If she even noticed the bright yellow magnet on her black hood and provided she can read, maybe her driving will be done with more care from now on. Probably not. But, it felt better (and more legal) than kicking her door. =)

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