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AD1 Motorcycle Pants

AD1 Motorcycle Pants

Product Review (submitted on October 16, 2008):
I just put 2500 miles on a pair of these "blemished" pants and I have to say they're the best non-leather riding pants I've ever owned. I'm sure the "cosmetic irregularity" must be in the leg length discrepancy, as that's where most of the complaints seem to arise. I will say that mine are a few cm shorter than I'd like, and, yes, the knee pads are a bit lower than I'd like....I'm okay with the length on mine and fixed the knee pad issue without much trouble. Perhaps I'm lucky, tolerant, or both. I'd certainly be unhappy if, for my 32" inseam I was given a pair with 37" inseams as one fellow was!

But that's where the "irregularity" comes into play, isn't it? Pay full price and expect to get what you want; buy at discount and take something of a risk (though a small one, as these nice folks will take the pants back...and it's not their fault that postage costs a lot these days....again, buying at a discount equates to buying with some risk involved....).

Are these pants perfect? I haven't found anything that is. Mine performed flawlessly, through torrential downpours that lasted hours, through 50 degree temperature fluctuations, and through my own clumsiness of tripping and falling (while walking, not riding...). The velcro on the hip pads isn't perfect, but it's a fixable problem, not one to get my knickers in a twist about.

I saved fifty bucks and have to do a little adjusting. I'm okay with that. Two thumbs up, five stars, kudos for a good product and great people.