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ReviveX® Water & Stain Repellent

ReviveX® Water & Stain Repellent

Product Review (submitted on April 11, 2008):
Recently used this to waterproof my darien jacket & pants. I've previously used Nikwax but it didn't seem to be as good as the factory repellent, so I decided to try Revivex.

From the package:
1. Machine Wash: Close all zippers. Wash garment in warm water without detergent. If garment is heavily soiled, wash with detergent and rinse twice.
2. Spray: Place the garment on a hanger. Shake bottle well. Hold 6”-12” from garment and spray exterior of garment.
3. Tumble dry: Dry separately on medium heat for 60 minutes. Do not air dry.

I think 60 minutes was WAY too long at medium heat because I shrunk my gear =(. In previous washings I'd dried the gear on low, and it was dry in < 30 minutes.

I won't have the ability to test the product on my pants, which were the most leak prone part of my gear as I'll be calling aerostitch for a new set of darrien pants today.

The product might or might not work, but if it makes the gear unusable after washing due to shrinking its of no use. I'll be headed back to wash in repellent that doesn't need higher heat during drying to 'set' the product.