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Aerostich Combat Lite Boots

Aerostich Combat Lite Boots

Product Review (submitted on January 8, 2007):
Bought em to ride in but can't seem to quit wearing them! I live in NYC and walk everywhere. Took about 2 weeks for the boots to break in. I wear 8 1/2, and got a size 9. Took me a few days - I fiddled with the buckle and put some inserts in and wore them out in the rain one night, everything seemed to come together. Also a new experience shifting, due to the stiffness of the leather -- but again, not a problem after I broke em in (wouldn't ride with them brand new, they're too stiff).

To break in: I wore them every 3-4 days, and I think the one time I wore them in the rain really helped out. I would not encourage anyone soaking them before wearing them - just get them out into the world and they'll do the rest.

Don't fear these boots. I'm ex infantry and I know good boots - these are top shelf. Love these boots!