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Self-Tapping Carbide Tire Studs

Self-Tapping Carbide Tire Studs

Product Review (submitted on June 3, 2009):
I put about 130 studs into a set of new TKC80s on a V-strom. Single stud in all center knobs and next-to-center knobs. Double stud in the center knobs on the rear tire.

Rode 3k miles in Pittsburgh, all winter, only taking one day off the bike when I didn't commute into work on it. No problems at all until the packed snow depth gets deeper than the tread depth, in which case, it's time to drive *very* carefully.

The bike makes a sound like crunching gravel at low speeds and has extra vibration then, but sounds and rides the same above 15 mph. TKC80s reputedly only last 3k miles or so, but these are barely showing any wear after 3k.

Dry road stopping distance increases slightly. Traction increases noticeably on wet/snow/ice, though.

I wish 'stich offered these in quantities less than 100, as 100 studs wasn't enough, and 200 studs was far too many.